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Active Harmonic Filters and Static VAR Generators

 For all types of Active Harmonic Filters and Static VAR Generators, contact AIM Europe.

Power quality solutions

AIM Europe designs fully engineered solutions for all individual business needs. Our advanced power electronic products provide excellent power quality compensation accuracy, response speed and output ability which can acheive THDi >5%, PF 0.99, and imbalance compensation. Excellent power quality.

Static VAR generator

Static VAR Generators 

SVG is Active Power Factor Correction using 3-level inverter topology that can rapidly and dynamicly compensate both inductive and capacitive reactive power and correct load imbalance to achieve 0.99PF, therefore avoiding under and over compensation. The voltage of the grid has little influence on SVG compensation capacity as SVG is similar to a current source. Full PFC correction within 15ms. MTBF (mean time between failures) up to 100,000 hours.  Can work under high THDi up to 15% with no capacitor risk.

Our static VAR generators are modular design for easy expansion & can be rack, wall or cabinet mounted with touch screen monitors or optional 7 inch screen for centralised operation with multiple units.

Modules currently available:
  • 30kVAr
  • 50kVAr
  • 100kVAr
  • 500kVAr in cabinet form 
The compensation capacity of all of these modules is equal to the installed capacity and is not affected by voltage drop. They are competitively priced & can be free standing or incorporated into electrical switchboards. The SVG's modular structure makes it easy for installation, maintenance and multiple capacity expansion.

Harmonic filters

Active Harmonic Filters 

Based on new inverter technology which reduces switching losses and permits higher switching speeds, the Active Harmonic Filter (AHF) provides advanced mitigation of harmonic distortion. It greatly improves the power quality indicators including power factor, load balancing and harmonic resonance suppression. Using Intelligent FFT control algorithms to filter the 2nd to 50th harmonic orders in 5 frame sizes up to 150Amp rated capacity plus unlimited parallel operation. 
Modules available:
  • 3Phase 3Wire
  • 3Phase 4Wire
  • Rack, wall or cabinet mounted with either a 4.3 inch HMI module or 7 inch screen for centralised operation. 
  • Wide range of voltages 380V ~ 690V.
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