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If you are experiencing power quality problems, remember the consequences of poor power quality, such as power factor and harmonics, can have an impact on your profitability and can cripple crucial equipment and lead to downtime. Clearly there is a cost associated with power quality, in both industrial and commercial applications we can measure power quality and quantify the associated costs. AIM Europe have the solutions.
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Engineered power quality solutions for many market sectors 

AIM Europe provides power quality solutions and equipment to most market sectors, industries such as airports, automotive, food & beverage, chemicals, marine, hospitals, power & energy, water and wastewater treatment, theme parks, petroleum exploitation companies, banks & dealing rooms, etc. Clearly there is a cost associated with the consequences of poor power quality, such as power factor and harmonics that not only impact the bottom line due to surcharges by utility companies, but also poor power quality can cripple crucial equipment and lead to downtime. Wherever power quality issues are present, we can investigate EN 50160 and offer equipment to eliminate grid harmonics, reactive power fluctuations, imbalance, and other issues to ensure elimination or ER G5/4-1 and EN 50160 compliance.
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About AIM Europe

We are small, dedicated team with over 20 years of experience in the power quality field. Covering the whole of the UK, we specialise in electrical Power Quality Monitoring for investigation of EN 50160 compliance and provide  solutions and their applications that are used by all our industrial and commercial clients. We are now offering the very latest  3-level inverter intelligent power quality technology, confident in that we have the best equipment currently available, which, coupled with our vast application experience, makes AIM Europe the right choice to properly manage power quality.
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As power quality consultants we offer: 

  • Power solution consultation
  • Choice of the most advanced technology available
  • Detect, identify, and locate power quality issues
  • Active Harmonic Filters
  • Static VAR generators (Electronic power factor correction)
  • Competitive bespoke solutions
  • Compensation performance reporting
  • Fully managed maintenance 
  • On-going support 
  • Compliance with ER G5/4-1
  • Compliance with EN 50160
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A full range of power quality products 

 With the advancement in technology, we are now working with Intelligent Control products to provide features and benefits previously unachievable. Today, we have a full range of modular AHFs and SVGs with a wide range of voltage and frequency using 3-level inverter topology. These products have high adaptability, simple and felexible application, offer excellent compensation capability, are highly stable with infinite impedance to the grid, avoiding harmonic resonance problems. 

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Call us on 01475 568 423 to find out more about AIM Europe and recieve assistance in solving power quality issues.

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